Commercial & Residential Landscaping Services

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Landscaping Contractor

As a commercial and residential landscaping contractor, our services aren’t simply limited to cuts and maintenance, we also happily deliver a plethora of services designed to create truly innovative and unique landscapes! From start to finish, we provide every service and treatment necessary to deliver a new and improved lawn. Speak with any member of our team and receive a thorough understanding of what must go into creating your fantasy lawn! We’re happy to help in any way we can, whether that require cleanups, tree trimming, hedge management, or more, we’re armed and ready to cut the stress of creating your dream lawn in half!


Your lawn is an extension of your home and, more importantly, an extension of your appearance to your friends, family, and neighbors! Understandably, you don’t have the time necessary to pour into making sure your lawn looks lush and green. That’s where our team comes in!

At Pride Lawn Service LLC we pride ourselves in transforming every lawn we work on into a dream-like landscape for our valued clients! To that end, we deliver a comprehensive approach towards your lawn’s care. These services include weeding, planting, rock and sod installation, and so much more! Whatever you need to create your one and only dreamscape, we have you covered! If you need more proof, feel free to browse through our landscaping gallery!

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Sod Work

Planting seeds and watching your grass grow can seem like a natural course of action for someone looking to create a dream lawn. However, without the proper care and time, you could be stuck waiting weeks and weeks and still find that your lawn won’t come in. Enter sod! Sodding is a beautiful and wonderfully efficient alternative to seeding your lawn. Not only does the grass look fresh and brand new, there’s no waiting time involved!

Naturally, our team specializes in sod work and can remove the headache in securing a beautiful turf for your garden! Find the perfect grass for your yard and speak with one of our specialists. Our team will quickly and succinctly determine the labor and tools necessary to tackle your landscaping endeavor. With our expertise, you can look forward to a quick and seamless turf installation!

Hedge Trimming

The right hedges can do wonders in transforming a normal yard into a landscape straight out of your dreams. Have some beautiful and ornate hedges you need maintained? At this point it should be no surprise that our team of lawn care experts also happily provides hedge trimming and maintenance services!

An unkempt and frantic hedge only serves to hurt the overall appearance of its lawn. Understanding just how much a well kept hedge can add to your yard, our team offers up a comprehensive approach towards maintaining every facet of your greenery. Have a special request or shape you’d like for us to recreate? Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do everything in our power to deliver your perfect lawn.

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Weeds are a resourceful and infinitely pesky entity that threaten to destroy even the most well-maintained lawn! What’s worse, even after they’re pulled out, a little rain is all that’s needed for leftover seeds to stage that pesky greenery’s comeback. When dealing with weeds, it’s important to dedicate yourself to a complete and comprehensive approach to their eradication. That’s where our team comes in!

Our team proudly delivers weeding and weed maintenance services sure to rid you once and for all of that leafy nuisance! Don’t let back breaking work on your lawn make you forget why you built it in the first place! All it takes is a simple call and a word with one of our lawn care specialists to transform your yard back into a dream-like escape!

Storm Clean Up

Unfortunately, storms and nasty weather are some things we just can’t predict. What matters most is how we recoup after these mean bouts of wind and rain! Lamenting over the state of your yard after a recent storm? Not a problem! Know that our team also happily provides storm clean up services!

Whether you’re dealing with damaged greenery, destroyed hedges, or water damage, we’re armed and ready to revitalize that lawn! We have years of experience not only in cosmetic landscaping, but restorative treatments as well. Rest assured that we have what is takes to bring that lawn back from the dead!